Friday, 20 September 2013

Dr Sketchy and Pub Sketches - 16 Sept 2013

I'm doing a double post this week since I had two drawing sessions. This Monday was a cold, record breaking rainy day (almost 60mm in 24 hours for interested weather nerds...) so it meant that there weren't many people there. I got a good spot with one of the best models (I'm being diplomatic, all the models have been great!)

Last night was Dr Sketchy, Lichtenstein at the NGA. The venue was huge so lots of space to move about and breath! The models were all different shapes & sizes and wore various costumes associated with the pop art theme for the night. I happened to join a table of talented & entertaining ladies which was located right next to the model I drew on Monday night! I didn't recognise her at first behind spotty body paint and blond wig but I did immediately recognise her tattoo! It was handy to draw a familiar model for warm ups before working on final sketches. My best drawings from the night were of a resistance fighter, Calamity Jane and Wonder Woman which I won a prize for ;-D That definitely made my night! The wine, mini burgers and fish & chips were also a bonus...

So to sum up, the location was brilliant with perfect lighting and loads of space, great music and entertainment (I ended up refining some drawings during the acts whilst glancing up now and then), tasty food, big tables to work at with loads of sketch pads and pencils supplied. I'd definitely go again.

Pub sketch - 15 minute pose, conte on brown paper

Pub sketch - 30 minute pose, black&white conte on brown paper

Dr Sketchy - 15 minute pose, conte on brown paper

Dr Sketchy - 10 minute pose, conte on brown paper

Dr Sketchy - Prize winning Wonder Woman sketch, black biro. The prize was a book of Coop artwork.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Pub Sketches - 9 September 2013

I didn't have the best angle tonight but got a couple of drawings which turned out OK using black conte. Most of my evening was spent feasting on Potato Wedges...

30 minute pose

15 minute pose

15 minute pose

Monday, 2 September 2013

Pub Sketches - 2 September 2013

Yay for Spring! A male model this week which I always find challenging. Still using brown paper, I worked with a black ball point pen for continuous line one and two minute warm up sketches and also for a detailed face study otherwise I used conte. I missplaced my white conte so didn't use the highlight technique, just blocked in areas of shadow instead. I focused a bit more on hands and feet tonight and I think there's improvement happening.

15 minute drawing, black conte
15 minute drawing, black ball point pen
10 minute sketch, black conte

Monday, 26 August 2013

Pub Sketches - 26 August 2013

After a two week break fighting off a particularly feral strain of flu, I returned to life drawing at the pub tonight. I was struggling to begin with as my nose decided to start running which combined with charcoal covered hands and an absence of tissues, meant I was mainly focused on trying not to smear charcoal across my face or annoy the poor lady next to me by constantly sniffing... Noice. Thankfully I was rescued by a fellow artist who was smart enough to bring some tissues (...note to self...) and I could finally focus on drawing again. I used conte in black with a few white highlights on brown drawing paper which is a bit of a favourite technique at the moment. I'm trying not to overdo the white highlights so they just accentuate the areas the spotlight hits. I also did a sketch focusing on negative space to bring out highlights.

10 minute pose - negative space sketch

15 minute pose

30 minute pose using minimal white highlights

Monday, 5 August 2013

Pub Sketches - 5 August 2013

Well, I feel like I'm repeating myself but it was another freezing cold, drizzly night for drawing at the pub! Tonight we had a male model with amazingly awesome muscle tone. I would have needed an hour to complete a drawing as there's so much work involved in getting all the muscles into the drawing. I had to really focus and think about proportion a lot more than usual. I got my hands on some brown drawing paper tonight, I've got a dealer! It was perfect for experimenting with a bit of mixed media to build tone with highlights. I dug out my old black and white conte again and also dropped in some Copic light blue marker for shadow areas. I'm liking the combo.

10 minute warm up sketch

15 minute pose
30 minute pose


Monday, 29 July 2013

Pub Sketches - 29 July 2013

Another dark, cold, rainy night in a cosy warm pub for some more drawing. It wasn't as crowded as last week but still didn't get the best vantage point when I first got there even though I actually turned up on time for a change! Some folks must camp out I'm thinking. Got a better spot after the break and a mass exodus.

This week I used an Aquash brush which was still a bit ink stained from the last time I used it to sketch the outlines and shading before adding line work with a blue watercolour pencil. I added further detail with a grey fine tip marker on the 30 minute sketch. I'm thinking I might have overworked it but it was worth experimenting with.

One guy there tonight was using light warm grey Copic markers to sketch outlines and shading before inking over the top which had a really nice subtle effect. Great drawings with smooth, confident lines. I didn't catch his name but I loved his stuff. He made me want to go shopping for a couple more Copic colours...

Warm up sketches - 1 & 2 minute, charcoal

20 minute pose

30 minute pose

Monday, 22 July 2013

Pub Sketches - 22 July 2013

This week we had a variation, a bloke! Now there's a challenge. I'm out of practice drawing male models as the majority have been female over the years. There's a totally different world of muscle tone and fewer curves. I decided to work in charcoal for warm ups and black ball point pen for the longer poses.
Warm up, charcoal - 2 mins
Warm up, ballpoint pen - 10 mins
15 minute pose

30 minute pose